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Track your heart rate

Ever try to do that weird thing with the fingers in your neck and counting your heart beat? No thanks. But keeping track of your heart rate is one of the most important ways to track your progress and get a more accurate calorie burn. Thankfully we can get keep fit watches that do this automatically. Look for ones that have wrist hear rate sensors as they’re more accurate!

Keeping you motivated

Not everyone wants or needs someone standing over them shouting to do one more set, or a personal trainer yelling at you to get to the top of the hill, but it can be helpful to get a good smart fitness watch that gives you some gentle coaxing during your workouts.

Oh, they can also tell the time

When you’re not sweating at the gym, or getting your run in, get fit watches can also do helpful things such as relaying texts, notifying you of an incoming email, or playing music.

Recording sleep patterns

One of the things that good keep fit watches should be able to do is to keep track of your sleeping patterns too. This consists of things like when you go to sleep, how long you’re in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep stages and when you wake up. What’s the point in tracking all of this?

Using your exercise data with your smart phone

Not many people have time to write down and carefully record their exercise data. But if you get the right keep fit watch you won’t have to. They should be able to store this data and crunch it into some seriously handy stats on your smart phone.

The Features Of KeepFit is Here

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Health Benefits

Technological Benefits

Workout Benefits

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What You`ll Get

It has all the features you need no matter what kind of training your into. It’s super-user-friendly and has a well-thought-out app to track your progress. The large colour screen is also a big plus.

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